Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ashleigh’s 4

  1st Birthday

Birthday 008

2nd Birthday

2 nd Birthday 015

3rd Birthday


When your 4 you should celebrate at least 4 times right?  Here she is at Aunt Lorra’s house.  We celebrated all the January Birthdays.


Next a party at our house with family and friends.  She asked for a Tinkerbell cake.

DSC04886 Ashleigh's 4th bday 002 

Her good friend Dylan brought her a scooter.  He got one for Christmas and thought if she had one they could ride together.

Ashleigh's 4th bday 015

I didn’t get pictures but she also celebrated at preschool with her preschool friends.

And finally her actual birthday.  By this time we were sick of cake so she got a big chocolate chip cookie. Ashleigh's 4th bday 018Ashleigh's 4th bday 016

Her favorite toy.  Ice Cream play dough set. Ashleigh's 4th bday 014

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Disney Day 3

The Classic shot in front of Disneyland.Disneyland 060

First order of business on our third and final day – hit the finding Nemo Submarine ride. Kenyon, Jeff, & KarolynDisneyland 093 

Grandpa, Grandma, Logan, and Kenzie.

Disneyland 061

Aunt Michelle and Kenyon.Disneyland 062

Karolyn and Kenyon

Disneyland 063 Then on to Autotopia.  Where the kids really did drive us crazyDisneyland 064 Disneyland 065 Disneyland 066 A new tradition that we’ve started since we’ve become parents– eating at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean.Disneyland 067 Disneyland 069 We spilt up today sending the big kids with Lorra, John, and Jeff while the rest of us took the littles through an adventure in Fantasy Land and Toon Town.  With dad’s wheel chair they were able to go through the lines very quickly.Disneyland 070Notice who’s missing.  Karolyn hates the tea cups!Disneyland 072 Spin faster. Disneyland 076 Alice in Wonderland, Ashleigh kept asking, “Is this Real?”Disneyland 078

Mr.. Toads Wild RideDisneyland 079 Fantasy Land Carousel

Disneyland 080 Disneyland 081 Goofy’s Play HouseDisneyland 087 Toon Town Roller Coaster – another favorite of Kenyon’sDisneyland 088 Look at Ashleigh in the back raising her hands like a pro!Disneyland 089 Roger Rabbit – I think Grandpa is trying to scare KenyonDisneyland 091 Jungle CruiseDisneyland 092

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Disney Day 2

First order of business – ride Midway Mania at California Adventures.  Its a Toy Story shooting game ride in 3D.  Here we are in line.  The line is usually over 45 minutes but we only waited 20.Disneyland 045Kenyon was very excited.Disneyland 044

Logan and Grandpa

Disneyland 046

The game was fun.  Jeff got the highest score 147,000+.

Next on the agenda California Scream.  Not a great close- up shot of everyone but they’re there.  Logan loved this ride.  Makenzie was about an inch short = lots of tears.Disneyland 057   

The kids that were too short rode on the carousel.  Ok not as fun but most of them didn’t mind.

Disneyland 047 Disneyland 048 Disneyland 049 Kenyon worked up the nerve to stand next to Woody, one of his favorite characters.

Disneyland 050 

 We also saw Jesse.

Disneyland 053

Monday, January 03, 2011

Disney Day 1

Our first day at Disneyland was a little soggy, thus all the raincoats.  Soggy weather = short lines.  We rode Space Mountain first thing and the wait time was less than 10 minutes.  Then we headed over to the rockets.  Here are Ashleigh, Kenyon, Makenzie, Hannah, and Jacob waiting in line.

Disneyland 003

Aunt Michelle with Jacob and Kenyon.  Kenyon loved the rockets.  He kept saying I’m flying, I’m flying.Disneyland 005

 Karolyn with Ashleigh and Faith.Disneyland 007

Jeff, Logan and I waiting in line to see Tinkerbell and the rest of the fairies.

Disneyland 008

Dad looked kind of ridiculous in his hat but it kept him warm.

Disneyland 009 

The kids.

Disneyland 012

Ashleigh and Kenyon didn’t want to stand next to the characters.

Disneyland 013

With Tink

Disneyland 014

Riding Pirates.  Makenzie was super nervous every time we went down a hill.

Disneyland 016


Disneyland 018

Kenyon’s favorite ride – the train.Disneyland 020 

 Here we are waiting for the Pixar Parade.  The kids and the adult really enjoyed it.  Mom and dad were worn out and had already gone back to the hotel.Disneyland 025


Disneyland 037

Still watching the parade.Disneyland 038

Faith and Ashleigh on the lady bug ride.Disneyland 043

The Wolfingtons and aunt Michelle went back to Disneyland at the end of the day to watch Fantasmic.  The kids really enjoyed the show.  Michelle and Karolyn froze as they sat saving a place to sit for over an hour.  But it was worth it.