Friday, April 11, 2008

Birthday Ball Part 1

Today Makenzie had her birthday ball with her other princess friends. We had Jasmine (aka: Addy), Snow White, Aurora (aka: Macie), and Belle (aka: Addie). They all looked so cute.
We made wands first, then we played a game of finding jewels in pink sand. Next we decorated our princess doll cakes. They loved decorating the dress with LOTS of frosting.

Makenzie was so excited to open her presents.
After we opened the presents we played pin the kiss on the frog.
We made crowns and played find the poison apple. Finally we played a game of musical pillows.
The girls had a good time and Makenzie really enjoyed herself at her first friend party.

Monday, April 07, 2008

With These Odds We Should Play the Lottery

Logan is now 3 for 3 on guessing if the baby is a boy or girl. We really think we should make him pick numbers for the next big lotto. The doctor had a hard time getting this shot but finally committed to us that we were having a boy. Last month he guessed a girl but the cord was between the baby's legs. We are thrilled to be having another boy. Logan especially. Although yesterday he said, "Mom, I really want a brother, but having another sister would be good. I would have 3 sisters to play with then." He is priceless and such a good big brother. Makenzie told grandma and grandpa yesterday that she was having a baby brother. Grandpa asked, how do you know. To which she replied, I just know that's all.