Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Kenyon

Not only was it the first day of school but Kenyon turned 2 today.  We love this kid.

First we made him a cake, after which he was able to lick the beaters.  See the messy hands.  Not unusual for this kid as he often holds his fork in one hand and eats with the other.


He loved opening presents.


He got clothes from grandma and grandpa Tracy.  A Zhu Zhu pet from his brother and sisters, and Buzz Lightyear pajamas from mom and dad.  But his favorite was his very own Black & Decker Tool set.  Complete with a drill, safety glasses and a jig saw.


For the past week he has been playing with the girl’s play food.  He’s been putting candles on the cake, singing Happy Birthday, and blowing out the candles.  I guess his practice has paid off.


First Day of School

The kids had a great first day of school.  Makenzie was a little apprehensive the night before and teary eyed but was fine today.  Logan was calm and collected.  Both kids walked themselves to their classes, made me wait in the hall.  Yah for school, I no longer need to be the activities director finding something fun and exciting to do everyday.

1st Grade (1) 3rd grade 1st Grade

Kenyon’s 2 year old Stats

2nd birthday 001

He weighs 33lbs and is 34” tall.  He sleeps in a big boy be (sort of).  Somehow he always finds his way to our bed.  He is all boy - Except when he plays dress up with his sisters then he enjoys being “Cinderella”.  He Loves Buzz Lightyear, playing cars, and playing with toy soldiers. 

2nd birthday 008

He is one cute kid!