Sunday, August 23, 2009

What We’ve Been up To

It’s been busy since the kids started school.  Here is what we’ve been doing.

Kenyon has learned how to walk.

Kenyon Walking


We had a family birthday party for Kenyon.  1st birthday 018 1st birthday 0221st birthday 030 1st birthday 029

We get to have Kaydence over on Tuesdays.

1st birthday 006

Logan has started playing guitar hero with Ashleigh singing lead vocals.DSC02283





Makenzie learned to tie her shoes!!






Kenyon refuses to be fed.  He wants to eat all by himself.  He holds a fork in one hand and food in the other.DSC02272

And he likes to “try” to climb out of the tub.  He usually succeeds in falling.

1st birthday 010






And sadly we sent our nephew Patrick home yesterday.  He stayed with us this summer to help Jeff out with the business.  Thanks for all the hard work Patrick.  We’ll miss you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Boy

Our baby is 1. Wow did that year go by fast. Kenyon got to lick the spatula when I was finished making his cake.

He was mesmerized by the flame. I have finally learned to hold down the hands.

After enjoying the cake.

Monday, August 10, 2009

1st Day of School Jitters!

 1st day of school 001 1st day of school 002

Logan was ready to start school, waking at 6, getting showered and dressed, eating breakfast, and brushing his teeth all before 7am.   Makenzie woke up very excited, but that soon changed into panic.  She had a 15 minute meltdown.  1st day of school 003Walking from the car to school.  I think Ashleigh would go too if they let her.

1st day of school 004

Makenzie put on a brave face and got used to the idea of going to school.

1st day of school 005

We soon found the playground and she made herself at home in the sandbox.

1st day of school 006

Gotta love Logan’s goofy smile.1st day of school 007

After school – she made it.  She did ask if tomorrow was going to be as long as today.  I think kindergarten wore her out.1st day of school 008Logan with best bud Brody after school.  Piece of cake!