Saturday, January 19, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008


We have had a very busy holiday season. Here is what has been going on. Christmas was great. We decided to concentrate on what the kids really wanted and it was a success.Here is Makenzie in her car. She drove it around everywhere for the first week. If she needed to go to the bathroom, she jumped in her car to get there.Logan is a true gamer now. He loves the PSP we got him almost as much as his dad loves it. He is getting really good at the games and like to take it on our trips out to Aunt Lorras for something to do.Ashleigh loves ELMO! She had a lot of fun on Christmas morning, mostly playing with the wrapping paper. She loves having her elmo doll.
We spent Christmas night with Jeff's side of the family. They had a good time exchanging gifts and playing in the leaves of Aunt Jill's big beautiful tree.We also got together with my side of the family a few days after Christmas. Christmas just kept going. We ate yummy food made by my nephew and opened more presents.
Good Times