Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Day at the Park

We went to the park yesterday for a cousin's birthday party. The kids (including Jeff) had a good time on the play ground. They really enjoyed the ride on alligator. Makenzie's looking cool in her new Dora glasses she got for Christmas. She doesn't leave home without them.

They had a Dora pinata at the party. Logan enjoyed using the baseball bat to get the candy out of her-maybe he's sick of watching Dora cartoons everyday. Makenzie refused to take a whack at her favorite character. After Dora busted Logan collected her head as a trophy and wore it around the park.

All I Want For New Years Is My 2 Front Teeth

Logan lost another tooth a couple of days ago. He was so excited that he didn't swallow it his time. It's harder for him to eat so maybe that'll save us money on his grocery bill.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Logan seems to be getting over his Santaphobia. Makenzie however still suffers from this mental illness.


Logan got a Lego Lion for Christmas that took his Lego Dad 2 Lego hours to put together.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Kenzie was so excited to tell Santa she wanted a Dora doll for Christmas. She waved to him as we stood in line. But decided that he was too scary to sit on his lap thus the screaming. Logan is so good to comfort his sister and handles her screaming very well.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Logan helped me put up Christmas lights. He's a little scared of the top of the ladder.

Eli's christmas

Eli got just what he was asking for. Something to drool on. This was taken at our Christmas dinner on Thursday.

I'm Open! No I'm Open!

A great action shot of our football game. We (I) have named this event "The Caos Bowl". If you have a better name, let me know.

Hey! Ride

Pictures from our great hay ride at the Lindsay farm. We had a great time at the Udall Thanksgiving this year.
PS. There are four bothers in this picuture. Can you see them?