Saturday, July 31, 2010

What I did on my summer Vacation

Took a couple of trips to Utah.  One for a graduation, the other for a baptism.  The kids had a blast hanging with the cousins.

DSC03708  DSC03691

Took a weekend and went to the mountains.

Fourth and Family Reunion 019 Fourth and Family Reunion 035

Took the kids to swim lessons.

DSC03585 DSC03571swimming with The Wolfingtons 020 DSC03581

Ashleigh cried until I let her wear my sunglasses.

Remodeled my kitchen island.  I’ve got to get rid of the white-washed pink cabinets.


Added and updated some things in the preschool room.


And tried to keep up with these cuties.

Keeping up with the kids 003 Keeping up with the kids 008


 Keeping up with the kids 006 Keeping up with the kids 007



Monday, July 12, 2010

Our 9 YR OLD

In the beginning 9lbs 7oz. 21 1/2” long

cluster 5991714

Year 1

cluster 5790661

Year 2

2nd Birthday

Year 3

cluster 6679806

Year 4

4th Birthday

Year 5

5th birthday

Year 6

6th b day

Year 7

T is for Tank

Year 8


Year 9


To Date 78lbs 57 1/2”  man he is gonna be one tall guy!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The 4th

For the 4th we had grandma and grandpa over for dinner, which was really yummy- pulled pork sandwiches, fresh fruit, raspberry salad, corn, and jello cake for dessert.  Then we went and found a place to watch fireworks.  We were actually right outside a firestation.Fourth and Family Reunion 033

The kids attempted to entertain themselves while waiting.  Here is Ashleigh dancing.Fourth and Family Reunion 005

Aunt Pam came with us too.  She also helped to entertain.Fourth and Family Reunion 008 Fourth and Family Reunion 009

I think Logan is trying a new dance move here.Fourth and Family Reunion 013

The two older kids playing ink a bink a bottle of ink.Fourth and Family Reunion 016

When are they going to start????Fourth and Family Reunion 025