Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Family in Mexico 09

We had the opportunity to go down to Mexico again with some of our friends in the ward.  It was a much needed vacation and we had a blast.

Mexico 117 

Our campground.

Ashleigh's thong

Beach Bum Ashleigh!

Mexico 031 The Rocks at Rocky Point.  The kids found hundreds of little sand crabs.  We also saw pretty little blue jelly fish.  Luckily no one got stung.Mexico 051


Mexico 020 

Kenyon and Kenzie had a great time pulling each other on the boogie board.  How cute are they??

Mexico 036

We ate ice cream bars, burritos and tamales on the beach.

Mexico 011 

Logan loved digging big holes in the sand and playing catch with dad.

Mexico 012

Mexico 050

Kenyon loved splashing around in the tide pools.

Mexico 067

Ashleigh and “nana” LaDawn  using sparklers.

 Mexico 063

Logan with a sparkler.

Mexico 074

My favorite picture of Kenzie this trip.

Mexico 003

Susie (Ashleigh’s other mom) Ladawn and “big” Ashley and our kids.

Mexico 085

The aquarium where we got to touch and feed sea turtles.

Mexico 100

Banana boating on the ocean is so much fun!


Quading in the sand dunes is a Mexico must!


Yummy Chicken Place we went for dinner.

Karolyn and Jeff on beach

My favorite part of the trip.  Early morning walks on the beach with my family.  It’s heaven.  Mexico 019