Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick but Fun Family Reunion

We went to the Kenyon Udall Fourth and Family Reunion 032Family reunion in Christopher Creek this last weekend.  Logan was the lucky one who got to go up for 3 nights, thanks to Uncle Steven and Aunt Jill, to hang out with his cousin Noah.  Here is a picture of them exploring.


We were able to go to Tonto Creek and look around.  We tried going to the  fish hatchery but it was closed.

Fourth and Family Reunion 020Fourth and Family Reunion 035 Fourth and Family Reunion 019Fourth and Family Reunion 029

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Utah Trip

We went to Utah for my niece, Kayla’s, graduation.  Sadly we had to leave Jeff at home.  We were able to visit Bingham Copper Mine.  The kids really enjoyed it.  Our grandpa Lindsay actually has a tire swing made of a tire this size.Utah Visit 003

Utah Visit 013 We were able to visit with family.  Here are the kids with their second cousin, Gage, eating popsicles on the front porch of my uncle’s house. 

And this is Kenyon attacking my Uncle Bob.Utah Visit 001 

The kids had a great time riding bikes and wearing helmets.  In fact the other three were never around to get their pictures taken.Utah Visit 008And yes Kenyon still loves dogs and I would get him one if I was promised a dog as good and mellow as Skipper. Utah Visit 009