Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 Weeks Already

Kenyon is two weeks already. We are all adjusting very well. After the first couple of nights home, when he wouldn't go to sleep until 1am, he is an angel and sleeping. He eats around 9 or 10 and then sleeps until 3 or 4. Can't ask for more than that. We've made several visits to the doctor. He dropped to 9lbs and they were concerned. But after our visit today the doctor said he's doing great and to just come back for his 1 month well check. He still has his heart murmur so we'll follow up with a cardiologist in a couple of weeks. He is an absolute delight and the kids love him. Everytime Ashleigh sees him her eyes light up. Makenzie makes sure to kiss him before going anywhere. And Logan LOVES having a baby brother. He is always the first to tell me when he's crying and is being a big helper by bringing me diapers and wipes.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kenyon Gregory Wolfington

Behold! The fourth (and final) Wolfington baby. A beautiful, fat little boy. He was yanked out butt first at 7:45 this morning (the 11th). He weighed in at a new record 10lbs 3.3oz. New record for his siblings that is. As you can see, he has dark hair and fat cheeks. He has only opened his eyes a couple of times so far for a split second. Logan was wide eyed right from the start. We are so happy and blessed. We are at Gateway Banner Hospital, US60 and Higley, room 1110 if you want to come see him. We should be home on Thursday.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's A Doggy Dog World

So we finally have one kid that loves dogs. We have a friend with a pug and everytime Ashleigh is there she follows him around and pets him constantly. When he lays down she lays on the carpet next to him. They are kindred spirits. Anyway we went over to visit yesterday and we heard the dog getting a drink of water out of his water dish, but then we heard "AHHH". Ashleigh was the one drinking the water not Pugs, it was hilarious. She looked up with a big grin and water dripping down her chin.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So Long Summer

Okay so we still have the HEAT but Logan started school today. I can't believe I have a first grader! He was fine until we got to his classroom door, then the tears started to flow. Which got me teary-eyed. Hopefully they stopped soon after we left. We didn't hang around since it usually makes it worse. He has some friends from last year in his class and I'm sure he'll get right in there and have a good time.