Monday, January 26, 2009

Religious Questions from a 4 yr old

As we sat down to eat breakfast the tv was on and was talking about earth.

Makenzie: "Mom who made the Earth"
Mom: "Jesus did"
Makenzie: "Did he also make the monkeys" "Did he screw them?" (meaning did he put them together with screws)
Mom: "No he didn't put them together with tools, Jesus just made them. He is able to do everything."
Makenzie: "Who made us?"
Mom: "Jesus made our bodies, Heavenly Father made our Spirits. When we are born our Spirits go into our body and when we die our Spirits leave our body and go to Heaven to be with Heavenly Father and Jesus."
Makenzie: "Oh, so my grandma that died (Jeff's Grandma Udall) is with Jesus."
Mom: "Yes she's with Jesus."
Makenzie: "So when I die I will be with Grandma and Jesus."
Mom: "Yes, and all of our other family that has died and gone to Heaven."
Makenzie: "I can't wait to go live in Heaven. Can I watch tv now?"

Love teaching moments like these no matter how short they are.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Looks Good on You

We celebrated Ashleigh's 2nd Birthday on Sunday. I don't know if she knew exactly that it was her birthday but she sure enjoyed the cake, presents, and attention.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Just wanted to share our latest favorite hair picture.